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Fused Film News – A Week in Review

by FusedFilm.com

The Big Stuff

Not a lot going on this week in terms of “big stuff” this week but still a few major things worth mentioning for our first article on MovieViral. First off please follow us on Twitter @fusedfilm for the latest daily updates on clever conversation on movie topics and more.

Lionsgate Nabs Kick-Ass! For a 2010 Wide Release

Lionsgate has grabbed domestic distribution rights to Matthew Vaughn’s action-comedy Kick-Ass! after a 3 studio battle ensued after massive buzz was generated from Comic-Con on the project and fan response. The deal is being described as big with the mini-major studio committing to a wide 2010 release.

This is great to hear as it is was one of the biggest surprises coming from Comic-Con and not to mention its titled looks like it will fit perfectly with the film being that it looks kick ass! [Read Full Article Here].

WTF? A White Chicks 2 in Development at Sony?

In a massive WTF, I saw this story and flipped. The first movies sucked why make a second? Unlike the Scary Movie films I see know future for a White Chicks franchise.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter it appears that The Wayans Brothers and Sony are developing a sequel to the 2004 comedy, White Chicks. This new film will have its stars, Marlon and Shawn Wayans, returning to their roles as sibling FBI agents pretending to be a pair of white ladies. Keenen Ivory Wayans is [Read Full Article Here]

Rumor: Is Brad Pitt in Sherlock Holmes as Prof Moriarty? [UPDATE]

In one of the silliest rumors I have heard this one you can laugh at too.

Warner Bros. have released a statement following the Brad Pitt/Sherlock Holmes rumor:
“The report in London Daily Mirror is completely inaccurate. Brad Pitt is not joining the cast of Sherlock Holmes and we’re extremely pleased with the production of the film. As planned, it will be released on Christmas Day, 2009. In order to complete the [Read More Here]

Minor Stories to Read

Tony Scott’s Unstoppable gets some Casting Updates with Rosario Dawson  joining as the female lead, then there is Transformers’ dad, Kevin Dunn and a cure blonde named Jessy Schram joining the project as well.

John Hamm joins the Sucker Punch! project set-up at the WB with Zack Snyder directing. Paul Anderson’s Castlevania project got an update and status report. Oh yeah and Peter Berg mentioned he’d like to do a Hancock 2 if everything worked out of course.

One of things this week brought was a plethora of news on some major remakes being developed at various studios. I mean some of these excite me and others I am like WTF mate?

Brewster’s Millions is being remade.

Excalibur remake with Bryan Singer attached to Develop.

Outland Remake on the horizon from Shoot ‘Em Up director Michael Davis.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine is being remade by Disney and Bob Zemeckis.

Dirty Dancing is another 80s staple film that is getting remade at Lionsgate.

Reviews from the Week

Read our thoughts on Inglorious Basterds as well as a Retro Review on Pulp Fiction.

Trailers of the Week

The long awaited Avatar trailer premiered this week. It was beautiful in my opinion but I saw some grumbling on twitter with some massive negative squalls on their first look.

The Wolfman trailer also premiered later this week with a massive frown as it looked about as silly as American Werewolf in London or Paris, whichever you choose.

Lastly, the long-awaited (at least by the Twi-hards) trailer for New Moon was revealed and it featured some Taylor Lautner (Team Jacob) love as he even mentioned his newly fangled body? Which I think is weird but when your main demographic is horny teenage girls guess its not bad from a marketing perspective.

So that is basically it on all this week’s main news, videos, trailers, WTF moments and everything else you should be aware of from our front. As always check our site out at  FusedFilm.com.


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