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Sherlock Holmes: Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

The Sherlock Homes viral is definitely going somewhere, with new clues coming out this week. A series of emails were sent out over the last few days to those people who signed up at They all contained photos (which you can see below) and the last said “the game is afoot” linking the player back to the homepage of 221b where, as they said, the game is afoot.

The photos attached with each email are extremely interesting and I can only think something is hidden in them. I went through each attachment and read through them, but I found nothing that stuck out like a sore thumb, but take a look. Click the image to make it full size (it will open in a new window).


As a few members on our forum have mention, the newspaper above references “Society Spy” twice. Once in the Lady Conway article and it’s also scribbled above the 7-11 ad. Our members also pointed out how it’s strange that there’s a 7-11 ad in the newspaper and recommend we keep an eye on it; I would agree.

Other than that, the three other seem to be either unrelated to the newspaper – or there’s something we’re missing.

I’m not entirely sure that these pictures relate to the Facebook game (other than the newspaper), but I’m not going to give any hints for that. I solved it relatively fast and by myself – but then again, there were only three choices.

Thanks to cynic710, Luxx, WoodenCorpes, afbratt and Ayrise from the forum.

What did you find in the emailed images? Did you solve the Facebook game? Are you enjoying this viral so far? Leave a comment below or talk about Sherlock Holmes on our forum.

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