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Hell Is Nigh For Dante’s Inferno

by Iain Welford

Whoa, this is pretty cool! Thanks to our friends at ScreenRant we’ve found a Viral Website for the new EA game Dante’s Inferno.

EA has managed to collaborate with 6 websites to weave a picture into their HTML code. It’s pretty clever and of course it doesn’t hurt the 6 websites traffic, either.

The idea is simple, really. You head on over to the website, right click and get the code. We’ll look at the first one here. Go to the Digg homepage, right click and view the page source where you will see a picture embedded in the code along with a website URL, hellisnigh.com and the passcode.

Heading on over to the website, you’ll see a prompt for your passcodes, the first of which is excommunicate. There are 5 more. When you have entered all 6 you will be presented with your reward (we’ll keep that bit a secret).  Have a look at the site list and passwords below. Check each one out to reveal a different picture!

Password No 1: excommunicate @ digg.com
Password No 2: scythe @ dailymotion.com
Password No 3: grafter @ gamespot.com
Password No 4: styx @ ign.com
Password No 5: unbaptized @ gamesradar.com
Password No 6: alighieri @  wwe.com

Dante’s inferno is the Video game adaptation of the book Inferno, the first part of Dante Aligheri’s masterpiece The Devine Comedy. The player controls Dante, who is trying to save his other half, Beatrice from Lucifer himself.

Dante’s inferno is available from the 9th of February but in the meantime why not enjoy this Super Bowl Trailer.


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