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Heavy Rain Viral: Week 2 Report – The Investigation Continues!

by Steve

As promised, I’m back with a report of Week 2 of Sony’s Heavy Rain “Four Days Challenge” viral. I can now officially say that I’ll be covering the next few weeks of the event as well, so expect updates on this each week until it ends.

After the disappointing end to week one (all it led to was a Facebook quiz), we next got an email directing us to an interactive set of youtube videos. After making the right choices to guide a witness to one of the Origami Killer’s killings to safety, players were given a URL leading to a .zip file, which lead them to a new Twitter page. Then on Friday, all players were emailed a new link to visit. After logging in, those on the site had to pick the correct evidence to receive a special reward.

The 4 correct pieces of evidence were:

• The “Short cigarette” (117b)
• The “Origami Bird”
• “Coffee shop C” (the one that says “diner”)
• “117h” (from the “Tyre Tracks” selection)

Their reward for their efforts: a redeemable code for those with a PS3 to download the Heavy Rain Demo a week early (officially, it won’t be on the PS Store until February 11)! The demo (which kicks ass, by the way), gives you control of both private detective Scott Shelby and FBI agent Norman Jayden in two respective levels from the game, and serves as a nice gift for those who don’t want to wait a few more days to get the demo on Thursday.

That’s it for this week. For more solutions and help from other viral participants, check out the thread on this topic at Unfiction. See you guys next week!

P.S. When you get your demo code, if it doesn’t work on your US PSN account, try it on a UK account (if you already have one; if not, make one, it’s free), and it should work there.


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