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Tron Legacy: Mystery Package Arrives

The viral world has been buzzing for the past day over a series of packages arriving at different people’s locales, all of them are related to the upcoming Tron Legacy. Well, now MovieViral can join in. Today we received a package containing a yellow diamond (“Yes” bit), like the one from If you missed out on the initial buzz, check out this article to catch up. Check the diamond out after the jump.

Below is the bit we received:

The diamond was packaged with shredded paper, with notable pieces different from the rest. Here’s the scan:

I’ve been working with Unfiction to see if this is in fact a message, but here’s what I’ve gathered so far.

I can’t confirm my hunch, but it seems they’ve shredded their original mailing list. I’m almost sure the St- is from “States,” because if you look at the 4th down there is a beginning of an ‘a’. Also, I got a piece of a sticker mailing label – and on the far left piece, I see “Bu,” making me think of my own name – Butler. That could probably be confirmed by others who see the first two initials of their name.

However, the piece in the middle I have no idea. There’s a period, so I think it’s a message. Not to mention two consecutive n’s, which occurs in “Flynn.” We may not be able to get all the pieces together, if it is a message. And its clear not everyone got strips of it.

As our previous article says, “Zero Hour” falls on February 24th, 2010 and many bloggers believe that this is when we will get the new trailer for Tron Legacy.

UPDATE: I thought I’d add these images from Unfiction of the other viral bits sent to people.

Blue bit from HipsterGarbage:

Red bit from RobMagus:

So what do you think? Do you think this is more than just a countdown? Leave a comment.

28 thoughts on “Tron Legacy: Mystery Package Arrives

  1. VanGoghX says:

    The double nn on the second strip, fourth line down obviously is for Flynn.

  2. VanGoghX says:

    Which you already figured out… duh!

  3. VanGoghX says:

    What are the bits made of? Foam? Plastic? Cardboard? Just wondering.

  4. josh says:

    I got a blue one in the mail. I have no idea why I got one and I don’t see any message at all. Just the /zerohour.

  5. Nick Butler says:

    @VanGoghX – It’s made of a light wood, I believe.

    @Josh – You must be registered at And double check your packaging just to be sure.

  6. josh says:

    I’m not registered to my knowledge. And there is nothing special in my packing. I don’t know what’s up with this but they paid $5.55 for priority mail to ship me I doubt they sent out a lot.

  7. Nick Butler says:

    Does it have your name on it? I’ve heard people saying they moved since they’ve registered on In any case, it seems you’re now involved :D

  8. VanGoghX says:

    Thx for the tip. Was wondering how you lucky bastards got one of these. :-) I’ve been visiting blog sites where people have gotten bits of their own and have asked them to look for additional text in the packing paper and directing them here. Maybe we’ll get additional clues.

  9. Scott Caldwell says:

    Why is the blue bit not part of the site?

  10. VanGoghX says:

    The blue bit is neutral (neither 0 nor 1). Red is zero/off/no. Yellow is one/on/yes. A true binary state consists of two possibilities, not three. But for the movie a bit would generally be inactive and neither on or off until asked a question or making an exclamation.
    Soooooooo, the binary countdown shows 0’s and 1’s (like a true binary number).

  11. VanGoghX says:

    In case noone else has noticed… at the zerohour countdown page, scroll down. There’s something being revealed underneath the counter!!! Anyone wanna guess what it may be?

  12. Todd says:

    [comment removed upon request]

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