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Donald Glover Campaigns for Spider-Man Role

Comedian and actor Donald Glover (Mystery Team, NBC’s Community) has started a viral campaign to get him an audition for the role of Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man film. Glover has taken to the social marketing streets (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) and is already seeing a lot of support. Get the details after the break.

The actor started the campaign yesterday after someone on Twitter let him know about an io9 article that suggested races other than “white” should be considered for the confirmed reboot to the wildly successful franchise. The comments were flooded with nominations for Glover. He apparently loves the character, and just wants an audition, as he mentions in a recent tweet.

Some people are mistaken. I don’t want to just be given the role. I want to be able to audition. I truly love Spider-Man.

Speaking of Twitter, Glover is using the hashtag tool to rally up support and create a trending topic, using “#donald4spiderman”. A Facebook group has even been created by one fan, and it already has over two thousand members. Check out the page for some great edited Spiderman photos that range from believable to hilarious. Personally, I find Glover hilarious and fun to watch, but it’s hard for me to see him in that role. What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Donald Glover Campaigns for Spider-Man Role

  1. Gio says:

    yo Clint, Nick fury was drawn as white. Then, u see Samuel L. Jackson. Ultimate Nick Fury dude, nuff said. If u read comics, u should know a thing or two about alternate realities…

  2. Steve says:

    Stop with all this white guy/black guy thing. Spiderman is white because that’s what he is. If we’re gonna get picky about it, why can’t Shaft be a white guy?

  3. Dan Koelsch says:

    Steve: There’s a big difference. Shaft is specifically black because that’s the theme of the film.

  4. glenn says:

    A black Peter Parker/SpiderMan?! If we complain, we’re racists right? Let’s see what happens when the next movie about Martin Luther King stars George Clooney. Or something more closely related, when the John Stewart/Green Lantern movie or the Steel movie casts Brad Pitt as the title role. Wait, that would be racist.

  5. Gio says:

    Man, what is this? No one ever heard of an elseworld? Plz go ahead and criticize any other comic/videogame inaccuracies you may think of. I would rather see Donald Glover on the reboot a hundred times before having to see the guy that combed his hair differently just to state that he had a different personality.

    I mean, there are Spidermans that whose alter egos are NOT Peter Parker (e.g. Spiderman 2099/Miguel O’Hara, Spiderman: India/ Pavitr Prabhakar). I mean, if u take mocca, why not chocolate :P
    There’s a Cannibal Spiderman, and even a flesh eating zombie… So stop complaining like wussies.

  6. Arcathias says:

    Spider-man was drawn as a white dude. Not to sound racist(oh wait, to some I do now) I dont support it. I have no “beef” or “hate” or “dislike” towards african americans, but comic movies should be just like commic books. Sure go ahead, give this guy a chance to audition, but I just simply dont agree(Though some people are now going to think I am racist).

  7. Arcathias says:

    Oh Gio btw, the comics you specify, never really got big. They were simply spin-offs. They never got as big as the one with Peter Parker, though they do exist I give you that. But if they gonna make an official marvel comic movie(esp. a reboot) they need to stick with the storyline with Peter Parker. That was the number one seller of the Spider Man series. Dont believe me? Thats fine, but just check the facts first.

  8. Gio says:

    @ Arcathias: Mh… You got a point there ;) Yes, to actually have an outstanding review as a based-on-a-comic movie, sticking with the canon storyline is always the best choice. I’m just pointing out that it wouldn’t shock me to see a different story… As long as Uwe Boll has nothing to do with it (since it started as a comic and not a videogame, it is safe to assume there’s no chance of that happening…right?!).

  9. steve85 says:

    Let’s face it, Peter Parker is white and Peter Parker is Spiderman…a reason Twitter mobs don’t matter

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