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MTV Movie Awards Promos Include Tom Cruise as Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder

The MTV Movie Awards has long been known for their spoofs and hilarity in general, even in their commericals. This year, we’ve gotten some good commercials featuring host Aziz Ansari, as well as Justin Bieber. Now the awards show is stepping it up a notch by featuring “Hollywood mega mogul” Les Grossman in a series of commercials that include some of the Twilight stars.

If you’ve seen the 2008 action comedy Tropic Thunder, you will definitely remember the vile, disgusting, and dancing movie producer Grossman. However, what many people didn’t realize until the credits or later, was that the character was played by Tom Cruise. This beloved cameo instantly brought back fans who were weary from his Katie Holmes/Scientology PR disaster.

So, with a big movie to promote, it’s no surprise he’s back to fill the role for MTV. The is being “produced” by Grossman, so the videos feature him interacting with stars who will be guests on the show, including Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, and even Cruise himself. Check out the spots below.

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards air live on Sunday, June 6th.

3 thoughts on “MTV Movie Awards Promos Include Tom Cruise as Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder

  1. Joey Mama says:

    This role is kinda funny – but Tom Cruise is STILL SUPER CREEPY!
    No MTV role “lets get back in the god graces of the new generation” is going to make him less creepy. SORRY TOM!

  2. It seems like my preferred thesbian Tom Cruise is up to it again. He has a new picture coming out with Cameron Diaz and it looks like it’s going to be an excellent a single, I just actually appreciate Tom Cruise movies, I believe he’s actually good at these kinds of action films. This latest picture is an action-comedy centered on a fugitive couple on a glamorous and at times deadly adventure where nothing and no 1 – even themselves – are what they may seem. In the course of switching alliances and unusual betrayals, they race across the entire world, with their survival ultimately depending on the battle of truth versus trust- I struggles to wait for this to come out.

  3. I have seen the awards and Tom Cruise did dance just like in the movie Tropic Thunder it was great that it made everybody standing up and clapping.


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