Facebook and Discovery Have Literally Gone “Viral”

Look out Farmville! You are about to have your ass kicked by something so much more real than housing a turtle, or finding gold in your corn field. Granted, I have no idea what you do in Farmville, because I block that stupid thing, but what I do know is, The Discovery Channel, in anticipation of the season premiere of The Colony, has teamed up with Facebook and Campfire to bring you what could quite possibly, scare the piss out you. Keep reading to find out more.

Normally, Facebook is used to check out what your friends did over the weekend, or maybe to view pictures of your newborn nephew, and even to plan high school reunions. But what if you could use it for so much more? What if you could use Facebook to save yourself, and those around you? Well, now you can. Or you can at least TRY to save your friends. With the help of Campfire (known for its award winning campaign for True Blood and Discovery’s Shark Week), picture Facebook as your major source of information, outside contact, and news. This is what happens when the outbreak begins.

When you sign up at JoinTheColony, you are embarking on something so much more exciting than the typical update from your friend. You are waiting to hear if they are ok. You are waiting to hear if they are still there. Go through all of the pieces that start with an outbreak and finding out exactly what is going on withe pandemic. With everything that current in the world, this comes at the perfect time of awareness and known fear.

Even the stars are making the trek to inform:

Join The Colony from Campfire on Vimeo.

What you in read in this article cannot, in any way, show you what you will get out of the Facebook simulator. They also have you covered if you chose not to have a Facebook page, as you can still view the, albeit, less personalized viral outbreak, with all the detail. Everything that you see, hear, and read, all leads up to the July 27th premiere of The Colony on The Discovery Channel, which focuses on the survival. To quote Campfire – ‘ “Viral” marketing has never felt so real’

I want you to sign up, and get yourself involved because I want to hear about YOUR experience. I want to know what this feels like on your side.

How does it feel to be left alone……



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