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Rocket Poppeteers Tweets Comic-Con Updates

One of the things that Dan had mentioned he missed while in the streets of San Diego, was an ice cream truck belonging to Rocketpoppeteers. Well, with the help of a new Twitter account, you don’t have to miss them again. In addition to listing out their stops, they have a few “cool” pics to look at too, including a full color background! Keep reading to see the photos.

San Diego can get hot in the summer, and what better way to beat the heat, is to cool of with a refreshing Super Speedflier Fleet Popsicle directly from the roaming piece of Super 8 viral!

And, it you are lucky enough like MovieViral friend, @Hayvock, you’ll get your hands on one these beauties (the shirt, not the girls).

Also, Super8News has gathered up some great info in regards to truck. Right down to the flavors, and it’s license plate.

From the Ice Truck we know:

Super Speedflier Fleet:

Original – Lime – Orange

Look for these FOUR additional Fleets in your grocer’s Freezer

Coop’s Fleet:

Original – Cherry – Lime – Watermelon – Grape – Orange

Brain Fleet:

Cherry – Lime

Twin Teamwork Fleet

Original – Grape – Orange

Sonic Strength Fleet:

Original – Cherry – Lime – Watermelon – Orange

License Plate :


License Plate Holder:

Super Speedflier Fleet – Top Line – Bottom Line

Small grey Rocket on the mirrors

Now, for the fun part. In addition to the new Twitter account, the background of said page is in full on color. All the way. Across the sky. What I am going to enjoy is all of the speculation about being able to see an alien’s face in the planet, or a UFO in the star formation. Don’t let me down! Click on the photo for larger version.

As always, keep an eye on our site, as well as our Super 8 page, for all needed information.

4 thoughts on “Rocket Poppeteers Tweets Comic-Con Updates

  1. e0w pfH0uWz says:

    Now this is what we call “sweet ice cream.”

  2. Damiangarcia92 says:

    Now when it says “Look for these FOUR additional fleets in your grocers' freezer”, does that mean they could POSSIBLY release these ice creams in stores? Its a stretch or maybe it's just to sound legit. That would be cool though.

  3. Kytromal says:

    “All the way. Across the sky.”


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