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LOST Epilogue Leaked Online! (Updated With Video)

This is both great and unfortunate. The LOST epilogue titled “The New Man In Charge” has leaked online, as first reported by Dark UFO. This is a special feature on the LOST full series DVD, and depending on how long this stays up, it could hamper sales. The full mini episode is now on YouTube, but is not embeddable. Check out some screenshots and our breakdown of the 12 minute video after the break.

We first get some insight in the Dharma supply drops that we saw in Season 2. Two men are preparing the packages for the next drop (as we saw in Access Hollywood’s clip) when Ben comes to shut them down. It turns out they information they’ve been receiving on the drops have been automated and coming from the Lamp Post Station in Los Angeles. Ben gives them very nice severance checks, then lets them ask one question each since they want answers.

The first guy asks where the drops are going, and Ben tells him it’s an Island, but the coordinates change every time because the Island moves. The second guy asks why they are sending polar bear biscuits to the tropics, so Ben shows them a DVD out of a Dharma binder he has on him. The DVD is of the Hydra Station Orientation video. Dr. Pierre Chang explains that the station is used to conduct various research on animals. He talks about a few of the animals, including what I think is the Hurley Bird. The polar bears are there because they are ideal candidates for electromagnetic testing (presumably at the Swan Station). They are then sent the Orchid station for more testing.

Chang confirms that the electromagnetism is what causes the fatalities in women who get pregnant on the island. Chang then says that the hostiles (Others) are also tested on at Hydra, specifically in Room 23. They are tested on to learn more about their way of life, particularly their worship of Jacob, confirming that the Dharma Initiative was aware of Jacob in some capacity. The “interrogations” use medicine to ensure the subject does not remember the experience so that the truce remains between the group. All the experiments at Hydra are to remain secret from other members of Dharma.

The video ends, and the two modern Dharma workers have more questions, but Ben has “another call to make”. Ben goes to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute to see Keith Johnson, who is actually Walt. Ben recruits him to go back to the Island to help his dead father. Walt and Ben go to the old Dharma van, where Hurley is waiting. Walt says he’s been waiting for someone to get him, and Hurley tells him that he belongs on the Island, and they have a job for him.

And that’s it! So, what did you guys think of the epilogue? Did it answer your questions, or are you still frustratied?

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UPDATE: It looks like the video has been taken down already. If we find another version, we’ll update this post again.

UPDATE 2: Dark UFO has a version on their site that works as of now (1PM PT), and I imagine they’ll update if necessary. They also have more screenshots, so check them out.

UPDATE 3: Here’s what looks to be a stable version of the video.

UPDATE 4: Since this posting, we’ve received an email from Disney asking us to remove the images and video we posted. They’ve supplied us with an extended video clip which you an see below.

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