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Tron Legacy Operative Phones Are Still In Play


Briefly: Tron Legacy really kicked off its viral campaign in February, when the Zero Hour website lead to coordinates in cities around the world, where players could pick up dead drop packages that included a pre-paid cell phone that lead to ANOTHER package that some other cool things inside. Now, thanks to players on Unfiction, we know that money has been added to the cell phone accounts, meaning there are more activities ahead. What could they be? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Tron Legacy Operative Phones Are Still In Play

  1. Steve Kidd says:

    Probably another scavanger hunt?

  2. thebruce0 says:

    Money has been being dropped into the phones occasionally fairly regularly since they were originally distributed. Until something happens, it just means they’re still keeping them alive for something… sometime…

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