Incredible New Halo Reach Live Action Spot

You want Halo Reach action? You got it. The previous ambient live action shorts have been setting the mood for this new Halo Reach spot “Deliver Hope.” Get blown away after the jump.

Bungie uploaded this in their youtube channel¬†about a day after went online. It seems like this is the moment when Noble Team’s female spartan, Kat, is killed off. I doubt it though, because out of my many years playing Halo I’ve learned at least one thing: ¬†Spartan’s don’t die, they just respawn.

BlackWaterOps has pointed out that, as cinematic as it is, it’s very similar to what Kelly and Joshua (also spartans) did in novel Fall of Reach. Halo fans may not notice it at first, but it is a somewhat recycled moment from the book. That doesn’t mean it’s not kick-ass though, and a good improvement from the We Are ODST spot.

Technically, we haven’t reached 7 live-action commercials, so still expect more to come.

And of course, Remember Reach.

UPDATE: Turns out that after a closer look, it is more plausible that this is the moment when Kat looses her arm. The Bungie forums are going crazy over the fact, but no official explanation is out yet.



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