4 New Viral Clips For Paranormal Activity 2

Paramount Picture’s Paranormal Activity 2 keeps giving us new corrupt footage, new hints, new clues, and they all lead to….the baby. A few clips have emerged on several sites in mysterious and creepy ways. Find out more after the jump.

While we haven’t gotten one yet (I’m sure it’s lost in that series of tubes), several blogs have gotten their very own viral clip from Paranormal Activity 2. The total so far is 4, there could be more in the pipeline. While the stories about how they received the footage vary (MovieFone says someone slipped it into their pants, while ComingSoon got a package at their doorstep), it seems to be exclusively bloggers at Fantastic Fest. The third clip is possibly the most interesting, as it centers around the boy’s room with the mother reappearing consistently in the bathroom during the distorted footage.

Below are the four clips (courtesy of Dread Central). We’ll keep a look out for any others, but if you find a hint or secret to expose, you can let us know in the comments.

Paranormal Activity 2 – Viral: NRSRY6_01-10-07
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