Create Your Own “Harry Potter Undesirable No. 1″ Poster

With Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 only weeks away, it should come as no surprise that viral marketing for the beloved childern’s book Warner Brothers has added a new feature to their official Harry Potter movie website. You can create your very own “Undesirable No. 1″ poster for yourself and to share with others. Details after the jump.

These Undesirable No. 1 posters are important to the Harry Potter world as it was used by Voldemort as a way to hunt down Harry Potter after his takeover of the Ministry of Magic. The new web application launched by Warner Brothers (via The Hero Complex) allows users to put their face, their friend’s face, or anyone else and turn it into a Harry Potter themed “Most Wanted” poster. The site will also allow you to request your own creation to be printed and sent to you for the price of $25.



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