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“Limitless” Viral: NZT Mails Out Drug Samples

Yesterday we told you about the fake drug commercial starring Bradley Cooper that was really a viral video for his upcoming film Limitless. Well, it looks like the viral marketing doesn’t stop there, as the company behind the NZT drug sent me a package in the mail. What’s inside? Find out after the break.

Drug company FluerColeYoko sent me a package that included a sample of NZT and a key-shaped USB flash drive. The drug’s full name is thallanylzirconio-methyl-tetrahydro-triazatriphenylene, and it’s usage is supposed to make you smarter, stronger, and have better senses. Of course, the extreme side effects range from paralysis to urinary tract infection to “sudden” death. That being said, I decided to go ahead and try one of the two pills. Fortunately (sort of) for me, it was just a disgusting menthol mint. The flash drive contained a copy of Cooper’s commercial for NZT, which I’ve included below, along with my unpacking photos.

We’ll have to see if this is just a one-off viral marketing ploy, or if they are gearing up for a whole campaign. There’s still over 3 months before the film is out, and I hadn’t even heard of it before now (it was previously titled “The Dark Fields” after the Alan Glynn novel it’s based on), so this tactic is definitely working. However, it doesn’t look to be canon, as the drug is portrayed in the film as being top-secret. Limitless is directed by Neil Burger and also stars Robert De Niro. The thriller will release in theaters here in the US on March 18, 2011, distributed by Relativity Media and Rogue Pictures.

Read more about the Limitless viral campaign here.

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  1. Why sample the clear pill when you can get the real thing on Amazon (yes, NZT-48 is real)?

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