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MovieViral Awards 2010: The Winners!

by Dan Koelsch


The time is here to finally reveal the winners of the 2010 MovieViral Awards. With over 1,400 total votes, we had a great turnout. Did TRON: Legacy sweep, or did fans of the Crazies and Repo Men get their way? Who won the battle between Glee and The Office? Find out all the results after the break.

Each winner gets the completely imaginary Golden Slusho! Award

Viral Campaign of the Year

The Crazies – 7%
Let Me In – 1%
Repo Men – 4%
Toy Story 3 – 17%
Tron Legacy – 71%

Best Studio For Viral

Disney – 89%
Lionsgate – 2%
Overture – 5%
Sony – 0%
Universal – 4%

Most Interactive Campaign

Inception – 14%
Repo Men – 16%
Scott Pilgrim – 5%
Takers – 0%
Tron Legacy – 66%

Best Narrative Campaign

The Crazies – 9%
Salt – 6%
Tron Legacy – 86%

Best Tie-In Campaign

The Crazies – 8%
The Last Exorcism – 2%
Let Me In – 7%
Repo Men – 8%
Tron Legacy – 75%

Most Original Campaign/Element

“Community” Twitter episode – 16%
ElecTRONica at Disneyland – 66%
“Last Call” calls you in theater – 4%
“Scott Pilgrim” Battle of the Bands – 8%
Watch “Buried” While Buried – 6%

Best Viral Element (Film)

Repo Men Hunt – 12%
Electronica at Disneyland – 22%
Tron Legacy at WonderCon – 14%
Tron Legacy at Comic-Con – 46%
The Virginity Hit Billboards – 5%

Best TV Series For Viral

Community – 10%
Dexter – 10%
LOST – 33%
Glee – 19%
The Office – 28%

Best TV Network For Viral

ABC – 27%
AMC – 18%
HBO – 8%
NBC – 43%
Showtime – 4%

Best Viral Element (TV)

Castle Summer Twitter Story – 19%
Community Twitter Episode – 32%
Glee Casting Call – 31%
The Office Fanisode – 16%
Caprica’s Serge Graystone Twitter – 3%

Best Website

IJustWantToBePerfect.com (Black Swan) – 6%
ChurchofStMarks.com (The Last Exorcism) – 0%
HelpMe.net (Let Me In) – 6%
TheUnionCares.com (Repo Men) – 11%
FlynnLives.com (Tron Legacy) – 80%

Best Viral Video (Marketing)

DJ Steve Porter Community Remix – 3%
Conan O’Brian AMEX Curtain Commercial – 23%
Kim Jonson Attacked (The Crazies) – 3%
Cookie Monster SNL Audition (Sesame Street) – 30%
Double Tower (Tangled) – 41%

Best Viral Video (Fan)

Booboo Kills Yogi – 40%
Filmography 2010 – 12%
How to Sneak Into Comic-Con – 27%
The Rent is Too Damn UP – 14%
Scarface School Play – 6%

The Christopher Johnson Award

They’re Here
The CJA is awarded to a viral marketing campaign or element that does not fall into one of our designated categories but deserves recognition. OneKind’s “They’re Here” campaign had us all on the edge of our seats thinking it was for an alien invasion film, then gave us a great twist that shows that entertainment media don’t have to be the only kids on the viral marketing block. Click here for our complete coverage of “They’re Here.”

Congratulations to all our winners! It looks like the TRON fans came out in full force, but in the television categories, the results were much closer. Let us know who you think got snubbed in the comments below, and join us next year for our 3rd Annual MovieViral Awards!


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