“Pandemic” Movie To Play Out As ARG During Sundance

Our good friends at ARGNet have come across a short film set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival that is actually an extension of an old ARG. In fact, the short film, titled Pandemic 41.410806, -75.654259, serves as the teaser for the renewed ARG set to play out at the festival. Get the details, and see the whole short film, after the break.

Below you can watch the suspenseful and scary short film that kicks off the ARG, which includes secret locations, phones, and much more in the Park City, Utah area.

This all stems from the 2007 “Hope Is Missing” ARG that included Blogspot and MySpace pages where the game played out. The premise was that a virus was spreading that made adults at first act weird at night, then violent. Hope was a carrier, so she was taken away to stop the spread of infection, though it didn’t help. This was all viral marketing for Lance Weiler’s film Head Trauma.

Weiler is now going back to that universe, focusing on how kids have to cope in a adult-less world (the short film’s title gives away its Pennsylvania setting). The whole experience planned at Sundance is being called “Pandemic 1.0″, which has a website that gives some basics on the game, set to take place during the entire festival run of January 20-30. However, very little specifics are known right now, as secrecy seems to be key.

Get more information at ARGnet, and we’ll let you know the game turns out. The film itself premieres at Sundance on January 24th.



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