06 February 2011 2232 Views

Viral Video Round-Up: Fake B-Movie Trailers, Black Swan, Aliens, Wrath of Khan, Super Bowl and Oscars

by Dan Koelsch

Sometimes we get flooded with viral videos, and not all of them necessarily need their own post, or sometimes we just don’t have time). That’s when our Viral Video Round-Up comes in handy. See a handful of recent videos after the break!

Michael S. Deak has made several pretty impressive fake B-Movie Trailers, two of which are below. [/Film]

Apple has a Black Swan Director Featurette that’s interesting.

The “How It Should Have Ended” guys are back with James Cameron’s Aliens.

We’ve been seeing a lot of these fan made videos of films done in 60 seconds with household items, and I just now realized they are part of a contest for Empire. This latest is of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and uses card puppets.

Slate decided to see what it’d be like if various filmmakers directed the Super Bowl, and it’s pretty hilarious.

The Huffington Post listed the funniest 2011 Oscar parodies, some of which we have already featured. However, I really like the 127 Hours parody below.

If you have a cool, funny, or poignant video, let us know in the comments below or through our Contact Page. We may feature it in our next Viral Video Round-Up!