“Apollo 18″ Trailer to Debut This Weekend In Front of “I Am Number Four”

It was not as exciting as we were hoping, but the film’s Twitter account has announced that the first trailer for Apollo 18 will be shown in front of Touchstone Pictures’ I Am Number Four, which opens in theaters tomorrow. If you see the trailer this weekend, let us know what you think! No word on when it will be available online (update on this after the break).

If you’re not sure you want to spend $10+ on I Am Number Four just to see a trailer, check out that film’s extended trailer below to see if it interests you.

The choice to attach the trailer to D.J. Caruso’s alien action movie makes sense given the similar genres. The found-footage space thriller Apollo 18 opens in theaters on April 22nd, which is just over two months away, so if Dimension Films wanted to get the trailer out soon, this was their best shot.


The Apollo 18 Twitter just posted this message:

#APOLLO18MOVIE T-MINUS 24 HRS AND 53 MINUTES…http://twitpic.com/40vble

The image is a QR code that leads to the Apple Trailer website, so expect to see the new trailer online tomorrow at around 4:30pm Pacific (7:30p Eastern). We’ll post it here as soon after.



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