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Due Date Dash Campaign

Today is the home release date of Warner Bros.’ road trip comedy Due Date, and we’ve partnered with them to bring you the Due Date Dash Campaign that could win you a digital copy of the film along with Due Date swag. All you have to do if figure out who our travel companion is. Get the details after the break.

17 movie blogs are participating in the Due Date Dash Campaign. What you have to do is figure which blog is our travel companion based on clues regarding the blog itself and the location featured in their exclusive clip, then post your guess (along with your full name and online contact info) in the comments below. In the mismatched spirit of the film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, our companion may have a different companion for their readers to guess, so don’t try reading their blogs for clues on ours. Below is the list the blogs participating.

Top Cultured
Twomovie Guys
Talking Films
Best for Film
Go, See, Talk
The List
Movie Buzzers
The Couch Potato Club
The Movie Mark
The Box Office Junkie
Movie Muse
The Film Reel
Nevermind Pop Film
Critic Approved

Here’s your first clue: “Don’t Drink The Water.” We’ll give out two more clues on our Twitter feed this week, and the winners will be chosen randomly among correct answers and announced on March 2nd. First prize gets a digital copy of Due Date and swag, and 5 other winners will receive a free digital rental of the comedy.

Clue #2: “Freeze Frame”

Clue #3: The guys at the other site are “chatty”

To get you in the mood (and reveal our location), check out this exclusive clip direct from the set.

You can download or rent Due Date on iTunes or go to the official website for more details on download options. Check out the film’s Facebook page, which will have more details tomorrow.


The contest is over, thanks everyone for participating. Our partner site was Talking Films. The winner is Kim Sieb! The runner ups are Kim S, Luzis, Steve, and Adam. If you have not yet submitted your email, please send it to me at!

6 thoughts on “Due Date Dash Campaign

  1. adam mandel says:

    TwoMovie Guys is your partner.

  2. Steve Kidd says:

    Guess: Carol Kane

    Steve Kidd
    Twitter: MOVIELORD101

  3. Kim says:

    Your partner is Talking Films.

    Kim Sieb
    contact at:

  4. Luzis says:

    Talking Films

    Thought of it thanks to the 2nd clue, hope it’s not misleading! :)

  5. Kim S says:

    Talking Films We here in TX dont drink the “neighbors” water. Hell we dont even visit the neighbor anymore.

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