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‘INSIDIOUS’ Updates: Children, Stalking, and Red Faces

One of the things that I personally miss doing for this site is the constant updating. I truly enjoy viral so much that I become giddy with each update, so with that said, I will personally keep you posted on all things INSIDIOUS. And so, the following write up is a snap shot of all happenings to this chilling viral since we mentioned it a while back. Take a look, and be prepared.

Let’s start off with Spectral Sightings since it has the least of updates, and being that it’s based on the characters actually in the film, it should have the least to do with it. Viral history tells us so.

A new video has been posted:

And, the two sites have now been linked:

Strange Cuts

We’ve starting hearing chatter about odd wounds appearing on people with no evidence cause. This might be something worth looking into.

Moving on to Voice From The Further, and it’s continuously disturbing posts. When we last left of with the blog, we had smiley folk and scribbled doors, yet now there are more videos, and disturbing imagery than we could ever hope for! Take a look at some of the stuff the Valerie is encountering on a daily basis.

The Grinning Preacher shows up:

Cuts: (see previous mention of sight tie in)

The attic kid:

Answering Machine Message

And now that I think about it, the song in the background is familiar too.

I know how it’s familiar…… do you?

Demon doesn’t like her music:

The ballerina speaks (now at the age of 16):

The attic boy has been missing………since ’56!

The Grinning Preacher is back for Valerie?

and, don’t bother searching for this Twitter account. I did, can’t find it, and here’s why:

Is she the next victim?

The sheet music is entitled “The Spook“!

Yes, she was the next victim

Red Face Man?

Red Faced Man?

Over the past week I’ve gotten a number of messages asking the same question:

“Why haven’t you mentioned the red faced man?”

I can honestly say I have no idea who they’re referring to. I’ve had no encounters with this person, nor had I heard anything about him prior to these emails.

Does anyone else know who (or what) they’re talking about?

Well, based off of the latest TV spot, the red faced man is this:

or more disturbingly, this:

and, just to freak you out, a gif of the above:

actually, the more I look at the gif, it’s kinda dirty…. tee hee.

INSIDIOUS is in theaters April 1st

9 thoughts on “‘INSIDIOUS’ Updates: Children, Stalking, and Red Faces

  1. Anonymous says:

    Liked the movie but wasn’t crazy about the end.

  2. Shortnfuzzyinmt says:

    the movie scared the shit out of me but your right the ending suckrd

  3. Anonymous says:

    After that they all die? I’m growing real tired of endings like this.

  4. James Gang says:

    guys start call the red faced demon……KILL DEATH MURDER FACE!

  5. I_luv_my_michaela says:

    They didnt all die only that old lady i guess

  6. I_luv_my_michaela says:

    OMG  that red face frickien scared me i saw it on the movie and i looked at it screamed and starting crying i was so scared like a phsyco

  7. Jim says:

    He looks like Darth Maul….Lame!

  8. 1D_raaniya says:

    this movie is fucking awsome :))

  9. Kieren Barnett says:

    I came across a picture of the red face man at almost 1am this morning, just before I was about to go to bed.

    Convincing myself that it is just Darth Maul, I talked myself into watching the actual scene.

    Worst mistake ever. Never watch that scene at 1am in the morning.

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