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Skynet Becomes Self Aware, Twitter Notices


Briefly: In the fictional historical/future timeline of the Terminator franchise (specifically The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Skynet, the artificial intelligence system created by the US Military, becomes self aware today, April 19th, at 8:11pm. Skynet is the main antagonist of the franchise, waging war with humans and creating the Terminator cyborgs we’ve come to know and love. The Internet has taken notice, with “Skynet” trending worldwide on Twitter. At least now the robots don’t have the element of surprise on their side.

4 thoughts on “Skynet Becomes Self Aware, Twitter Notices

  1. Which is why the robots will wait until tomorrow, 4/20, when we’re all high and once again complacent.

  2. Pulsar Mills says:

    Oh SNAP !!! Nice Skynet, nobody is going to hurt you…

  3. Gnee58 says:

    Alas, the goverment trying to cotrol the populus. The complacent people,composed of some kintelligent people and multitudes of unknowlledgable people that will take no action to revolt against this movement. How from reality is this…

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