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New “Super 8″ App Reveals Hidden “Editing Room”

With a month left before the release of Super 8, Paramount Digital Entertainment has released an app for Apple mobile devices. It’s called Super 8 (fitting huh?) and it turns your iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad 2 into a vintage Super 8 camera. There’s no doubt you’ll have endless hours of fun with this, but what’s really intriguing about this app is what’s hidden inside…

When you first launch the app, it looks like a normal camera app, the likes of Pocketbooth, the only exception being that it’s subtle viral marketing for Super 8. You can change the lens to different filters such as X-Ray, Sepia, Infared, ect. You may also add effects like Shakeycam using the accelerometer in iOS devices. In order to find the secrets of the app, you have to explore everything! Read the instruction manual, record a lot (and I mean A LOT) of videos. The app secretly embeds frames from several clips in the Super 8 Editing Room. You have to watch closely in order to see them and make sure when one appears you tap on it (your video will slow down when one appears)!

Afterwards, you’re taken to a hidden compartment in your camera case called “Found Footage”. This is where all of the frames you find will be stored until a complete clip is made. So far I’ve only found one frame and it appears to go with this clip. All of the frames have to be collected in order to unlock a new clip at the “Editing Room.” Did I mention there are three clips that have to be put together? Happy hunting!

Super 8 opens in conventional and IMAX theaters June 10th!

Source: Gizmodo

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