“Super 8″ Standees Provide Links to Editing Room Clips

Just over a week ago, we told you about the Super 8 theater standees that play the trailer inside. Now we know that is not all they show. Learn how theater marketing is helping to advance the ARG.

MovieViral reader Rick C. (@RixxDominator on Twitter) was the one to clue us into this latest development. At the end of the trailer shown inside the theater standee is a link to one of the clips on the S8 Editing Room site. It looks like this is the new key to unlocking clips on the site, where before blogs were getting mailings with the clips. The one Rick found was for Clip #57, and the link was clip57.standee.super8-movie.com, and the link provides a downloadable version of the clip, along with info on the person, time, and location of the link being found. I tried substituting other numbers in the link to no avail, so I’m interested to see what the links are for the other clips.

Take a look at Rick’s pictures that show the link and standee here.

Though the clip was unlocked yesterday, I still don’t see it on the Editing Room website as part of the video for some reason. Still, go check out your local theater and see if you can spot the link as it quickly comes up at the end (similar to the hidden images and links we’ve seen before).

Check out our full coverage of the film and its viral campaign at our Super 8 Hub. Super 8 opens in theaters and IMAX on June 10th.



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