42 Entertainment is Behind “Test Subjects Needed” Website, More Details Emerge

There’s now an interesting development in what I thought would be a one-off post about a unique viral marketing website for gum. On Tuesday, we told you about TestSubjectsNeed.com, which supposedly tested you to see if you could participate in the “Human Preservation Project”. Now we know that the site is from prominent viral marketing company 42 Entertainment, which raises the question of what this campaign is really promoting.

42 Entertainment has made a name for itself in recent years by running some of the best movie ARGs ever. It’s the company behind the quintessential viral campaign for The Dark Knight, as well as the recent (and extensive) TRON: Legacy campaign. Based on their portfolio and what we know about them, they seem to focus on technology and entertainment products and brands, which pokes a hole in our theory that the Test Subjects Needed (TSN) campaign is for Wrigley’s 5 Gum.

So, how do we know this is a 42E campaign? The Seattle Weekly website has a QR Code advertisement that links to the TSN website. This ad is filed under “Ad Index > Entertainment > Concerts, Festivals & Events > 42 Entertainment”, which pokes another hole in our theory, since I’m pretty sure chewing gum wouldn’t be classified as a concert, festival, or event, no matter how good it is.

On a side note, the TSN website has a mobile version, which I found out by using a QR reader on my iPhone. It has a similar experience to the regular site, but is more direct and looks really good for a mobile conversion. Also, at the end, it gives you a video that shows some of the images you see flash across the screen on the regular site.

Of course, the Unfiction forums are all over this. While there were some initial indications that this could be part of the emerging ARG for The Dark Knight Rises, it seems that the gum theory has more support, especially since a commercial for the gum had the line “Test Subjects Needed” at the end.

Thanks to MovieViral reader Yankee White for the information. Do you think this could be a campaign for something else? If it is for gum, are you still excited to participate?



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