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You’re Needed For “Mission Icefly”!

As you know we’ve been covering a new viral campaign from 42 Entertainment, the genius marketing firm behind great ARGs such as Flynn Lives and Why So Serious. There has been a lot of speculation as to what The Human Preservation Project could possibly be viral for, with 5 Gum, video games, and The Dark Knight Rises in the running. After laying low, the viral has become active again. Today I received a mysterious package from the preservation project and its contents were just as mystifying. I can tell you now that this has nothing to do with gum. 

The completely black mailer, except for the mailing label (which was white), arrived from Pasadena, California. I was expecting an I.D. badge like the one you created when you first signed up at “Test Subjects Needed“. Instead I got something completely unexpected: a small device which looks like a tracking diode.

A message was included which you can read below:

Following the instructions in the fine print, I removed the battery tab and twisted the diode. It began to flash a bright blue. As you can see in the image above, the diode is attached to a Y-shaped ribbon that acts as a helicopter. There is a QR-code on the helicopter that leads to a countdown for “Mission Icefly“.

The wasp that is on the note and under the diode also appears on the countdown site. When you roll your mouse over it, the wasp darts away to another part of the page. The box underneath “Test Subjects Needed” links to the Mission Icefly YouTube channel, where a video is posted showing a bunch of these devices dropping from a night sky lit up by blue lights at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. The night sky is lit up by blue lights.

The countdown runs out on June 30th. Until then you can continue to sign up for The Human Preservation Project at the “Test Subjects Needed” website. Do you still think this is a campaign for a new flavor of gum? Wrigley’s 5Gum was a sponsor at Coachella, another music festival. Have you received a package from the project? Let us know in the comments!

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38 thoughts on “You’re Needed For “Mission Icefly”!

  1. Adiktboi says:

    Alright here’s what i found [google’ 5 gum qr ‘], and I think it more or less leans toward the 5 gum/ icefly connection×1024.jpg
    the qr code at the bottom links to the TSN website. But then again maybe 5 gum just sponsors it or something. 
    OR, The ad from the link also spells out “destiny” [the bolder words] and after doing research i found a few possibilities:Bungie has a new game with the codename Destiny project
    Tron: Destiny
    and then theres Halo4 or its just a promotion for gum

  2. Stealthysierra says:

    got my package today its weird i cant seem to stop playing with the light : same helicoter same package same link

  3. Btsguy says:

    Dude ,  seriously, the ‘iceflies’ are in the new 5gum commercials. Pay attention.

  4. Christopherforgotten says:

    timers up. new videoish thing, with a list of states at ether side of it, and 15 pentagons at the bottom of the screen. in illuminatus trilogy (and general cultural mythos) the pentagon is a discordian symbol, along with the rule of 5’s, (and a stress on a 5:3 connection. 15 is divisible into 5 x 3) any ideas?

  5. Lithium_lies says:

    do u know the safe puzzle code, i got all the other puzzles np but i cant get this one

  6. Abc says:

    Look, I got the qr code in the big 5 gum. I still have no idea what this is all about even after looking it up. Any helP please? And what do I do with my info next to the qr code I recieved?? Thanx

  7. Ebarker8 says:

    I just got a package today with 5 gum in it, however, this this gum is not in stores and isn’t even on the 5 gum website yet. It’s obvious 5 gum is behind it, but I’m just not sure what they are doing. As a side note, the gum is pretty good.

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