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Mission Icefly Website Slowly Reveals Cities

Over the weekend, we told you about a big update to the Mission Icefly/Test Subjects Needed viral campaign. Not only did we get a distorted video of Terry O’Quinn, but we got letters at the bottom of the Mission Icefly website. Now we know what those letters make out, and it might look a bit familiar. Get the details after the break.

As you can tell by now, the letters are slowly being revealed to be major US cities. The cities included are Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland, Dallas, Washington D.C., Nashville, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, Seattle, Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta. We don’t know the significance of the cities to the Mission Icefly campaign just yet, but prior experience with a similar situation could give us clues. This slow reveal of city names may give ARG fans a bit of Deja Vu. This is because 42 Entertainment, the company supposedly behind Mission Icefly, did something very similar during their Flynn Lives ARG for Disney’s TRON: Legacy.

The Zero Hour leg of the campaign had a subpage that slowly revealed cities as well, though the list included international locations. This led to a deaddrop game that not only got participates swag, but led to another website where a lucky few could sign up to see the TRON: Legacy trailer premiere in IMAX. With the movie almost 10 months away at that point, this was kind of a big deal.

What can we expect this time? It’s hard to tell. I imagine it will be another participatory event, though what it will lead to is hard to guess, since the campaign is for Wrigley’s new flavor of 5gum. Free gum, anyone? We should have the answer when the Mission Icefly countdown ends in 3 days. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Mission Icefly Website Slowly Reveals Cities

  1. Freyathedark says:

     If anyone is interested in going to the cities and looking for the drops, go to and let us know!

  2. xxxmtixxx says:

    I bet this is 5 Gum, and they are looking for people to be in their next commercial. Just a though since they posted, “ATTENTION TEST SUBJECTS: Starting at 00:00:00:00:000 we will need one volunteer in each of the listed locations to follow a signal.”, and there are limited cities.

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