Second Mission IceFly Drop and Facility 2 Revealed!

In our last update, we pointed you in the direction of the Human Preservation Project Facebook group to help finish the QR code puzzle that would reveal the next part of the game. Thanks to everyone there and the folks at Unforum, a second group of Ice Flies has been rescued and the date Facility 2 opens has been revealed!

After successfully putting together the pieces of QR code and following the embedded link, you’re lead to a new puzzle, the Test Subject Visual Perception Evaluation, in which you had to find coordinates hidden in multicolored blocks and fill in a grid. Many theories were thrown around as to what the coordinates actually were, the theory that checked out was Morse Code. (No, the image below is not the solution)

Each multicolored box was an image and the file names were Morse Code (For example Image 1’s name was –dot.jpg). When decoded, the coordinates were placed in the grid and a message was spelled out: EXTRACTION. But what did it mean? At the top of the page, the title of the puzzle had a link to 5 Gum’s Facebook page where another puzzle waited.

On 5 Gum’s Facebook page, a new section titled “Human Preservation Project” had appeared, but test subjects couldn’t access the information because a password was required. The password, EXTRACTION, unlocked a sort of hub on the page filled with small TV screens; several around the edge displaying previous parts of the game. In the center, videos play explaining what the Human Preservation Project is, reactions from the Mission IceFly drop, and the Survival Code intro with Dr. Traelek (Terry O’Quinn). Clicking around, test subjects soon discovered a countdown and a link to vote for three cities that would participate in a second IceFly drop.

Last Thursday, test subjects in Miami, San Diego and Houston rescued three Ice Flies. Afterwards, the 5 Gum Human Preservation Project was updated and test subject profiles were updated with blank Facility 2 file logs. Clicking around the Facebook hub, test subjects were led to New Chapter where a red testing facility locked displayed the message “Facility_2 8.15″. Test Subjects were also able to collect new log files.

Testing Facility 2 opens today, August 15th, so get ready!



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