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Star Wars Blu-Ray Early Access App

by Steve

Greetings, fellow readers! It’s been a while since I’ve last done an article for the site, so I’ve decided to do a brief article on the recently released sneak peek iTunes app for next month’s 9-disk Star Wars Blu-Ray set. The set, due out September 16, will contain all 6 films digitally remastered as well as over 40 hours of bonus features, including never before seen deleted and extended scenes from all the films (along with some for the original Trilogy, as previously revealed). The app, however, only gives us a sampling of what we’re going to be getting in a few weeks.

Each of the 6 films get their own separate section on the main menu, which includes their own brief video preview of one of the new featurette, a sample concept art gallery, and a virtual 360-degree model gallery. From what I’ve watched of the footage shown in each of the samples, I’m loving the new transfer a lot more than the 2004 DVD release of the Original Trilogy (I’m a die-hard Star Wars fan, by the way; heck, I’m very forgiving of even the Prequel Trilogy!), but that I something I will go into further once I’ve seen the full set of special features on the set as well as the re-released films in full.

In short, if you love Star Wars and are eager to get the new Blu-Ray set, this app should hold you over. You can download it off of iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for FREE, which is reasonable price for an app like this. Look for my full review of the Blu-Ray set when it comes out next month, which will primarily focus on the new audio and visual upgrades and the all-new special features, as well as an in-depth look at each of the new deleted and extended scenes. Until then, take a look at the list of some of the scenes that have been recently revealed to be on there (thanks to Eric from Rebelscum.com for the confirmation of these scenes):

• Trash-Talking Droids
• The Battle Is Over
• Anakin’s Return
• Battle on the Boarding Ramp
• Extended Podrace Wager
• Bail Organa of Alderaan

• Extended Speeder Chase
• The Lost Twenty
• Anakin’s Nightmares
• Anakin and Ruwee
• Raid on the Droid Control Ship (previously released in an unfinished form by StarWars.com; you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDigP9xLFLM)
• Extended Arena Fight

• Elevator Antics
• Escape Through the Hangar
• Changes to the Constitution
• Utapau Chase Animatics
• Mustafar Duel Animatics
• Mustafar Duel
• Lava River Animatics
• Kashyyyk Attack and Order 66 Animatic
• Anakin Kills Shaak Ti
• Jedi Imposters at the Temple
• Senate Duel Animatic
• Yoda Communes with Qui-Gon

• Tosche Station
• Old Woman on Tatooine
• Aunt Beru’s Blue Milk
• The Search for R2-D2
• Cantina Rough Cut
• Stormtrooper Search
• Darth Vader Widens the Search
• Alternate Biggs and Luke Reunion

• Han and Leia: Extended Echo Base Argument
• Luke’s Recovery
• Luke and Leia:Medical Center
• Deleted Wampa Scenes
• The Fate of General Veers
• Yoda’s Test
• Hiding in the Asteroid
• Alternate Han and Leia Kiss
• Lobot’s Capture
• Leia Tends to Luke

• Vader’s Arrival and Reaching Out to Luke (partially shown at Celebration V)
• Tatooine Sandstorm
• Rebel Raid on the Bunker
• Jerjerrod’s Conflict
• Battle of Endor: The Lost Rebels


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