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Exclusive Interview With StoryWorld Conference Chair Alison Norrington (Part 2)

by Dan Koelsch

On Saturday we brought you the highlights of the first part of my conversation with StoryWorld Conference Chair Alison Norrington. After the break, read the highlights from the rest of our talk, including a lot more about the conference itself.

Norrington on how only people who are actively involved with transmedia will be speaking:

There are no theorists speaking at StoryWorld. These are people who have earned their stripes in the transmedia space. That might be that they just rolled one thing out, and it might be that that one thing flopped, but there’s lessons to be learned from what flopped.

On what to expect to get out of the conference:

There’s no template. You can’t walk in and walk out with a blueprint of how to do this, because audiences are different across genres, and even across cultures..but what we can do is sit down, talk, and listen to each other to get ideas, inspiration, and guidelines. The things that are static are the legal points of view. There are a couple of legal sessions there that look at management of rights…There’s creative discussions about narrative design, there’s behavior discussions like how to sustain discoverability.

On who this conference is for:

I want people to come from the entertainment industries across the board, to see how thing are being done, but I would also love to think that there just might be some new relationships that are nurtured at StoryWorld, that maybe we might see the fruits in two to three years time. If the big guns don’t talk to each other to make this work, the small guns will…I want the big guns to see the talent and listen to the way the small guys work. I just want to make it a shout out to anyone in the entertainment industry or anybody who wants to be.

Norrington also stressed the significance of StoryWorld Conference + Expo Day 3, which includes speed mentoring. This is your chance for 10 minutes of focused face time with some of the conference speakers. This is a rare opportunity to collaborate and receive guidance from the experts that are leading the transmedia movement.

Norrington tried to get HBO to talk about Game of Thrones and True Blood, but couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts. However, she is very happy with the current line-up, and the conference council is also made up of great talents from the industry. To find out more about conference and sign up, click here. Save $200 if you register by Friday!


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