What Is Operation Early Bird?

Yesterday, we reported the start of a viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises and today we have some major developments! A new CIA transcript and a countdown! Check it out after the jump!

The Fire Rises website has gone blank; that image of Bane everyone worked to reveal back in May has disappeared. The Fire Rises Twitter page (@thefirerises), was updated this afternoon with a twitpic link, leading to a third CIA document, which you can read below (click to enlarge).

So what is “Operation Early Bird”? Head over to www.operationearlybird.com and wait. The countdown should end tomorrow around 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST.



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  1. […] that these had something to do with The Dark Knight Rises. A third document was tweeted out yesterday by The Fire Rises, which mentioned a black ops mission called “Operation Early Bird”. […]