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Strange Noises Heard Around The World Could Have Scientific Explanation

Earlier this week, we reported on a phenomenon sweeping the Internet in which strange noises were heard around the world. These roars/groans from the sky are a bit frightening, which may have contributed to videos of the occurance flooding YouTube (along with many hoaxes). While we considered the idea that the sounds were some kind of marketing ploy, we now have at least one scientific explanation that might resolve this issue. Find out after the jump.

I was surfing YouTube last night when I found the video below. It’s a news report from Canadian channel CTV that talks about the sounds.

The professor in the clip explains that the sounds are coming from the Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights) causing electromagnetic noise within nearby environmental antennas. It sounds a bit like the Roswell weather ballon explanation to me, especially since these noises have not been heard before (at least not recently, since this is the first time the Internet has been up in arms about it). What do you think? Is this a good explanation?

182 thoughts on “Strange Noises Heard Around The World Could Have Scientific Explanation

  1. Skeptic says:

    I searched specific “testimonies” to find evidences of hoax. It’s pretty hard job but funny one. Why I think it’s hoax is bcs for example there r only 1 person or few ppl on some area who claim that they’ve heard it. Yet the other ppl say “what noises? I haven’t heard anything”. Then “locally limited sounds”, like Sweden and Russia, where allegedly the sounds were heard yet nothing, absolutely nothing in Finland, btwn the two country. One dude claimed he heard it in Ontario yet other ppl said they heard nothing and nothing in the news. If those strange sounds would be real, they would’ve heard literally everywhere. Not just here n there by few persons. There r tons of vids of strange sounds in youtube, major part can be easily disproven… then when they were disproven enough, new editions of the sounds started to appear. They r hard to origin anywhere unlike the original sounds, which were started from the movie Red State. After the Kiev vid it has been a snowball effect. And where r the sounds now? It disappeared like a worse fashion phenomenon.

    Bcs of video/sound making softwares and social medias, we will see many kind of crap stories, such as Nibiru hoax, Illuminati/NWO, conspiracy etc bs, where normal ppl make “news” of strange phenomenons just like when news houses made them b4 that time.

    There’s nothing real, Im sorry, but that’s a fact. They all r youtube hoaxes.

  2. Former CIA says:

    It’s the ‘1 world order’ there boring tunnels under ground, and Around the world just like the 1 under Denver Airport so they can try to control all civilization from multiple underground Bases. Those tunnel boring machines can make 7 mile tunnels in a day, they are working expediently knowing of the immanent danger for all civilization on the surface of this planet. There are over 260 known underground bases in the USA already. What they don’t know is that the earth will shake so violently they won’t survive eather.

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