“The Amazing Spider-Man” Dead Drops Found, Countdown Ends This Morning

Yesterday we reported that there dead drops in various cities as part of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man viral campaign. Since all the items have now been collected, the viral website’s countdown is out in the open for everyone to see. Now what?

To get everyone on the same page, this campaign is titled “The Mark of The Spider-Man”, and there is a Twitter account and official website for you to follow directly. Our friend Anton Volkov referred us to two websites that have been following the action pretty closely: a Tumblr dedicated to the campaign (run by Anton himself), and Mentorless.

The various countdowns on the official viral website all end this morning, With all the dead drops claimed, the question is what will happen when the various countdowns on the official website end this morning in Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and Seattle? Anton speculates that we may get images in place of those static gifs that lead us to more clues.

And, here’s my theory for what will happen for Phase #2 of the viral.

At those times, one by one, in the order above, the 6 statics on the main page will change to photos, giving us this time a visual clue for location where the next clues/packages will be. A bit like with Mouth Taped Shut giving us both a pair of coordinates and a Hipstamatic image of where we need to go.

I recommend following Anton’s Tumblr to keep up to date as the morning passes, and we’ll have a follow up later in the day to summarize what has happened. Below are the local times that each countdown ends.

NEW YORK – 10:00

ATLANTA – 10:30

DENVER – 10:15

PHOENIX – 10:45

SEATTLE – 10:00


Who thinks we’ll get something related to Valentine’s Day?



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