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Mark of the Spider-Man Viral Continues With Tagging Events Around Country, New York and Phoenix Tonight

The new The Amazing Spider-Man viral campaign, Mark of the Spider-Man, continued over the course of the past few days; following on from the operative hunts in 6 cities on Tuesday, the 30 selected ‘operatives’ who were successful, have received instructions via phone to meet up in certain places in their specific cities. The meet-ups in Atlanta and Seattle happened on Wednesday night, the Los Angeles and Denver events finished last night, and Phoenix and New York are having theirs tonight.

So, what happened at those events? The 10 operatives (each of the 5 successful hunters from Tuesday had to take one friend each) in their cities met up, and along with the Mark of the Spider-Man team, have started putting logo graffiti in locations around their cities to promote the film and the campaign. The Atlanta and Los Angeles events were streamed live courtesy of Twitter users @GuestUser17 (Atlanta) and @BreAnnaWittman (Los Angeles).

Video streaming by Ustream

In reward, the operatives each got a pack of QR code cards linking to the Mark of the Spider-Man site, and a logo print signed by Marc Webb himself!

Following each event, the Mark of the Spider-Man site was updated with the statics now playing a slideshow of photos from each event.

So, what happens next? The New York and Phoenix are going out tagging tonight, but what can we expect after that? A tweet from @BreAnnaWittman, who was one of the L.A. operatives, suggests that we might see more soon:

Said there’ll be a bunch more of this stuff happening in the coming months, so don’t fret! You still have a chance! #markofthespiderman

Maybe we will see the same process happening in different cities? Maybe the campaign will go international? What do you think will happen next? For updates on this viral, check out the Mark of the Spider-Man Tumblr, as well as Mentorless, who have some fantastic recaps of the events so far. Also be sure to follow the official viral Twitter account @MarkOfSpiderMan. We’ll keep you up to date on any process in the campaign.

4 thoughts on “Mark of the Spider-Man Viral Continues With Tagging Events Around Country, New York and Phoenix Tonight

  1. Crazyskater07 says:

    I wish theyd do this stuff in el paso its so cool! the producers always forget us and dont care to include us :/ Itd be so cool!

  2. Spider7267 says:

    Hopefully they will open this up to more cities.  Come on Boise!  ;)

  3. Envoi33 says:

    When in paris?

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