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“Hunger Games” Viral: Get Your District’s ID Card

The Hunger Games have finally started, but the viral is still going strong! Last month it was announced that all citizens of Panem are required to carry physical DIPs (District Identification Pass). Lionsgate and CafePress partnered to offer Hunger Games fans their own DIPs when they register with The Capitol. Get the details after the jump!

The Capitol has allowed citizens of Panem to claim their district ID cards. You can make yours by logging in to your Panem profile on the Capitol Facebook page. Afterwards, you are taken to CafePress, where you can browse other items made by fans of The Hunger Games. Your ID card will be in the shopping cart, waiting for you to check out. The ID itself is free, you just pay shipping.

Here’s an example of what your DIP would look like. I got mine today, and they look really good!

The Hunger Games is out now in theaters and in IMAX (for one week only!)

20 thoughts on ““Hunger Games” Viral: Get Your District’s ID Card

  1. Hairyg says:

    Every time I go on the Facebook page to get one it just says, ‘please visit the Capitol on your next workstation’ I don’t understand, I want my I’d card!!!

  2. Millscaitlin97 says:

    does it cost money?

  3. KayMarie-District8 says:

    My card should be here in the next week…I’m district 8 :)

  4. KatnessLover says:

    WOW!That Sounds Cool Might Get One1!!!!!!

  5. ilovepeetaa says:


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