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Watch a 25 Minute Fan-Made Super Preview of “The Amazing Spider-Man”

With the bombardment of trailers and clips these days, it feels like the movie studios are showing the entire film before it even opens in theaters. To test that theory, The Sleepy Skunk pieced together all the publicly released footage of The Amazing Spider-Man to see if he could make a coherent story. Check out the 25 minute video for yourself after the jump, and let us know how he did.


(Updated with new video embed)

3 thoughts on “Watch a 25 Minute Fan-Made Super Preview of “The Amazing Spider-Man”

  1. michael interbartolo says:

    it was pretty good, I watched it just before it disappeared. I wasn’t planning on seeing the movie anyway but now if I did anything longer than this 25 minutes would just be a long drawn out movie.

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