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Explore “Monsters University” With New Viral Website

Pixar’s Monsters University took a big step into the digital world today by debuting a website for the school. The website is extremely fleshed-out, and even includes a store to by school gear. Details after the break.

Monsters University is a prequel to Pixar’s 2001 animated hit Monsters, Inc., in which the world of monsters was turned upside down when a child accidentally came through one of their closet door portals. The prequel takes us ten years earlier, when Sulley (John Goodman) and Mike (Billy Crystal) first met in college, and the website is a great way to explore more of that universe.

The MU website is impressive in its scope and tone. Pixar went to great lengths to make Monsters University look like a real school with the website. There is a page to Apply to the University, but applications are not being accepted yet. There’s also a login for students using their ID Card, so hopefully these components will become part of the experience as we get closer to the film’s theatrical release. There’s so much to explore (and knowing Pixar, plenty of Easter Eggs), that it’s better if you just check it out for yourself. However, I do suggest you check out The MU Store, where you can buy actual school clothes and gifts. Also, the campus map might come in handy.

Let us know what you think of the website in the comments below, and clue us in to any Easter Eggs you find! Monsters University opens in theaters on June 21, 2013.

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  1. Mike says:

    Great review. Have you figured out how to get the MU ID number yet, in order to ‘log in’?

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