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Blu-Ray Release Reignites “Prometheus” Viral

20th Century Fox’s Prometheus had its home release on Tuesday, and with it, the film’s official Twitter account tweeted an image that it described as “Weyland Classified: Infographic about the black Goo.” Check it out after the break, as well as an important viral piece that you might have forgotten about.

The Alien prequel (MovieViral is officially ending the pretense that the film not officially a prequel) had a strong viral marketing campaign that centered around Weyland Industries and its Project Prometheus. Weyland is the company that owns the spaceship Prometheus and funding the journey we see on screen. Click below to see a larger version of the classified file on the infamous black goo.

The film’s Facebook page had a slightly more enlightening description of the image.

Declassified: In researching the aftermath of Project Prometheus, Weyland Industries managed to uncover an information manual written by the Engineers concerning a chemical agent found by the Prometheus crew.

To me, it looks like Weyland was using the goo themselves. If so, how did they get it? Could they have caused the Aliens we see in the original film? Give us your theories in the comments section below.

On another note, today is 10/11/12, which you might remember has some significance to the viral campaign. The end credits to Prometheus had that date along with the Weyland logo, which is the same date that Weyland Corporation is officially formed, according to the company’s timeline. This led us to, which now redirects you to This new site provides behind the scenes videos and photos, as well as deleted scenes.

This seems like a dull conclusion to the “10.11.12” part of the viral campaign, especially considering the garbled voice message and recruiting efforts during Comic-Con. However, it’s still early, so maybe something cooler will happen later today. We’ll keep our eye out for any other updates, but if you find anything, make sure to let us know in the comments or via Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Blu-Ray Release Reignites “Prometheus” Viral

  1. Bobby says:

    One thing I’d like to know about the campaign is what the book they show, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” has to do with this whole thing.

  2. One of the biggest aspects of Nietzsche’s (the author) philosophy is that God is dead. Not meant to be taken literally, but that on a society-level, actual belief and faith in God is no longer able to bring meaning to our lives. This leads into Nietzsche’s “overman” concept, which is essentially the next step of human evolution (evolution here not meant in the darwinian sense, but in the sense it is what we humans can become). Tied into the film, i think it’s clear that Peter Weyland took this overman concept to heart, and launched the campaign to find the Engineers to try and reach that next stage in hopes of living longer. Ridley Scott seems to be critical of Nietzsche, in the sense that two aspects of Prometheus seem to go against Thus Spoke Zarathustra. God is not dead, God is just not what we expected (even if something else created the Engineers, if they did create us than that fits with our idea of God), and Peter Weyland’s striving to reach the heights of the overman are met by death.

    That’s what i think you can take away from Thus Spoke Zarathustra being tied in on the surface level. I could go into it in more detail, but i really should be doing my school work haha.

  3. Casey says:

    I got an email with instructions to download an image of stock with Weyland Industries!

  4. neil adlington says:

    Well thank you. I don’t think I have ever experienced such a concise and easy explanation as yours.

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