Sony Stores Offering Free “Skyfall” Tickets When You Demo Their $25,000 TV

The next James Bond picture, Skyfall, hits theaters this Friday. It’s already breaking box-office records in the U.K. and word is that this is the best Bond film ever. Well how would you like to see Skyfall for free? Several Sony Stores across the US are offering customers tickets to the new movie, you just have to look at a very expensive television. More details after the jump!

Sony has created the world’s first 84″ 4K display television and they want you to come see it. You may know 4K technology from your local movie theater which projects digital films in the 4K format. 4K (approx. 4,000 pixels) is 4 times the resolution of the current 1080p HDTVs. I’m not sure how many people Sony expects to purchase this television at it’s $25,000 price. At select brick & mortar Sony retail stores, you can get a 5-minute demo of this brand new TV and after, receive two free tickets ($13 in Hollywood Movie Money) to see Skyfall.

Participating stores are located in NY, CA, VA, FL, TX and NV. The promotion runs through November 12th.

Skyfall hits theaters and IMAX November 9th!



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