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Gallery 1988 Handing Out “Fringe” Benefits

Fringe Benefits Gallery 1988 Header

J.J. Abrams‘ sci-fi cult hit Fringe is just a few episodes away from the series finale, and fans are doing all they can to take in every single moment of every single episode while they still have a chance. For those who may not follow the show, Fringe centers on an FBI investigative team, comprised of Olivia Dunham (Anna Trov), Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), Doctor Walter Bishop (John Noble), and others, whose sole purpose is to investigate unexplained, strange, and ghastly occurrences relating the the mysterious parallel universe using FBI investigative techniques and fringe science.

To show how much of an impact Fringe has made on pop culture, Gallery 1988, L.A.’s premier art gallery for all things pop culture, created Fringe Benefits, a contest of sorts that allows fans of the show to vote for their favorite event and turn them into screenprints created by some of the gallery’s most-sought after artists and designers. Hit the jump for more.

Upon entering the site you will notice six slots each with a single question mark, five yellow and one red. This probably has to do with the event that gets the most votes and the one with the most overall votes gets the red one, while the following gets the yellows. But that is pure speculation. Right now the site is just allowing you to vote for your favorite event. If you can’t remember them all don’t worry, as there is a description for each event that has occurred on the show. More information, including how to own these pieces of art and help The Mission Continues, will be released in the coming days, which should coincide with the number of episodes left on the show.

Below are just some of the events you can be voting for that will be turned into screenprints. Head on over to the official Fringe Benefits website for a complete list of the events that occurred on the show and when you may get a chance to purchase the art.

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