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Disney’s Video Archives May Prove UFO Presence In Brad Bird’s “Tomorowland”

by Michael Lee


Yesterday it was reported that Hugh Laurie was in talks to play an antagonist in Brad Bird‘s Tomorrowland. The film has many sci-fi aspects to it, and the contents of the 1952 box that was seen earlier this year supports that theory. But Disney historian Jim Hill further theorized that the film could be about Walt Disney’s plan to reveal to the entire world that UFOs were real.

Again the contents of the box had an Amazing Stories magazine featuring a man flying around with a jetpack, plenty of photos of Disney himself, and some boxes of archival video – contents of which are currently known. So there are plenty of clues that almost confirm that this Bird-directed film is indeed about Disney and UFOs, but Hill found more facts that further support his theory that Tomorrowland is indeed about Disney, UFOS, and Project Blue Book. So is it? Are we wrong? Well some new video seems to support Hill’s claims Hit the jump to find out more.

Late last year, we suspected that 1952 has the potential to be a huge viral, that potential continues to exist today, but with no confirmed websites or promotional material hitting the pavement, we will have to continue to wait.

A few months later, both Bird and Damon Lindelof revealed the contents of the box that inspired Tomorrowland, which was titled 1952 at the time. Old brown envoleopes, VHS tapes, black and white photos of Walt Disney, and an August 1928 edition of Amazing Stories.

D23 and Disney Historian Jim Hill did their own investigation into the contents of the box. D23 discovered that the man in the photo besides Disney was Major Woodlief of the U.S. Army Reserve General Fund. Taken in September of 1943, this could have been the year that Disney’s UFO reveal project could have been conceptualized, maybe even earlier, but for now we don’t know. And since D23 was using the same photo we were using, they had no access to the letters or VHS tape. So the contents of those materials remain sealed.

But Hill’s theorized that Tomorrowland and Project Blue Book are one in the same. Ward Kimball, an animator for Disney, was approached by the U.S. government to produce a film that would say UFOs were real. The photo of Disney and Woodlief would support the fact that the two have been working together to create such a film – which would obviously never seen the light.

This leads us to the acrhival video. This post isn’t intended to be some sort of conspiracy theory about proving UFOs are real, however watching the videos below and pop culture telling us about the government covering up aliens, it is a great basis for a viral. The marketing team could use these videos on a conspiracy theory themed viral site, where people can “post their extraterrestrial” experiences or sightings. They could also leave posts supporting Disney and Woodlief’s plan for releasing the video. There are a lot of fun ways to make Tomorrowland a viral if it is indeed about UFOs like everyone says it is.

Here are the four videos below which support Hill’s claim about Tomorrowland being about UFOs, Disney, and possibly Woodlief.

Tomorrowland will open in theaters on December 19th, 2014.


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