Fox Wants You Join “The Following”

the following

The Following, FOX drama starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy, is about a former FBI agent who gets tangled in a serial killer’s web of cult followers, which he amassed by using the world wide web. Obviously with a premise like that, viral websites would be created for audiences and fans to be a part of the fun. And that is what The Following’s tumblr site just does, it allows them to be a part of Dr. Joe Carroll’s network of killers who are obsessed with the “insanity of art” and making their murders into beautiful statements. Hit the jump to find out more.

The site is a very strange look into the mind of Carroll and his followers. It describes itself as “a collection of information about Joe Carroll and a dangerous group of people he calls FrIENDS. ”

the following menu

You’ll notice a small menu above with names or characters. These are all allusions to Edgar Allen Poe’s works. Each name has specific elements and allusions to the author. Clicking on Prince Prospero – a character from The Masque of the Red Death -, you will see “Nevermore”, an image relating to A Tall Tale Heart.

Some of these links are going be specifically tailored to those aspects of the character or aspects of the work. The Lady Ligeia link makes a reference to the large dark eyes, while Annabel Lee has references to The Raven, Nevermore, and sometimes the poem itself. Links include referential images, craigslist postings, Facebook messages, victims, profile pictures, videos, and much much more.

The Following Craigslist Posting

It’s actually a pretty fun site. You get to see some of the characters in a whole new light, which could change your opinion on them. Be sure to check out all the links on the menu. Happy Following!



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