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Reddit News: Kids Movies, Die Hard, Nerdy Cakes, And More!

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Like many people, I lurk around Reddit during my downtime, and I find some pretty interesting stuff. Sometimes that stuff relates to movies and television, so I feel obligated to share it with our readers. After the break, check out what’s been making the rounds on Reddit recently.

Our friend The Sleepy Skunk made this image that shows how unoriginal kids movie posters are. [Creddit]

kids movies

Yet another strange story coming out of Florida. A man in Fort Lauderdale was wildly swinging around a bat’leth (the Klingon weapon from Star Trek) in the middle of an intersection. In case you couldn’t guess, the guy, aptly named Johnnie Blade, was drunk. [Creddit]

With A Good Day to Die Hard opening this weekend, this infographic that breaks down the Die Hard series into numbers gained some traction. [Creddit]

die hard

Since we’re talking about infographics, here’s an album of 19 different filmmaking infographics that have a lot of cool info. We’ve put a couple of them below. [Creddit]

scene anatomy horror movie

“When I was born my uncle offered to paint a picture of me. My parents did not expect this.” [Creddit]

rocky baby

Two posts on Reddit earlier today showed off some nerdy cakes, seen below. [Creddit] [Creddit]

jabba cake

spider-man cake

Finally, we have this GIF that makes the meteor that hit Russia a little more magical. [Creddit}


Let us know if you find any cool stuff on Reddit!

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