Reddit News: Monsters University, Game of Thrones, The Oscars, and More!

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Like many people, I lurk around Reddit during my downtime, and I find some pretty interesting stuff. Sometimes that stuff relates to movies and television, so I feel obligated to share it with our readers. After the break, check out what’s been making the rounds on Reddit recently.

The Master, which is up for a few Oscars this year, authentically realizes the post-WWII era in its direction and cinematography. Two galleries (one in Color and one in Black & White) of the same four promotional images got some traction on Reddit for looking like they were actually taken in the 1940s. Take a look at a couple of the color ones below. [Creddit]

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Have you ever wondered how in Back to the Future, Marty’s parents didn’t realize their son looked like their old friend Calvin Klein? You’re not the only one. [Creddit]

Speaking of classic 80s films, in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, why are the two guys in the foreground of this scene wearing funny hats? Hint: It has to do with the parade Ferris and the gang go to. [Creddit]


We’ve covered the viral campaign for Monsters University already, but the map of the campus (below) has gotten people talking. Also, some character posters were released this week for the film. [Creddit]

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A guy put together an infographic for all the data you could ever want to know about pornography. It’s impressively thorough. [Creddit]

Season 3 of Game of Thrones is still over a month away, but that hasn’t stopped the Game of Thrones subreddit from getting creative. Below are two pieces of fan art featuring Sansa and Jaqen, respectively. There’s also a funny infographic of Sansa’s Dating Woes (beware of book spoilers).



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