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Neill Blomkamp’s Next Film “Chappie” In The Works

Neill Blomkamp

Elysium doesn’t come out in theaters until August, but writer/director Neill Blomkamp is already working on his next Sci-Fi project, titled Chappie. Get the few details we have after the break.

Blomkamp is one of the rising behind-the-camera stars of Hollywood, with his debut film District 9 not only taking in over $210 million worldwide on a $30 million budget, but also getting a Best Picture nomination. Four years later, his follow up Elysium is finally hitting theaters this summer, and the early buzz is strong. Thanks to the release being pushed back from March to August, the film is pretty much complete, and Blomkamp has started prep work on his third film, Chappie.

Unlike his previous sci-fi films that dealt with serious social issues, Chappie is being billed as a science fiction comedy. Blomkamp teamed up with his District 9 co-writer Terri Tatchell, and principal photography is said to once again be in the director’s hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa.

With the impressive ARG viral campaign for District 9 and the seedlings of a similar campaign for Elysium, we’ll hopefully see Blomkamp continue the trend with Chappie. As always, we’ll keep an eye out, but if you learn anything, leave us a comment or contact us directly.

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