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New “Pacific Rim” Viral Poster Teases Where Jaegers Get Fixed [Updated]


Pacific Rim has released some effective online teasers over the last few months that have offered a glimpse at the epic scale of the film without revealing any plot points or surprises. The movie’s Facebook page was recently updated with another such tease, but instead of newscast screenshots of Kaiju cleanup sites or posters of the different Jaegers, this new poster is of the more subtle variety. Hit the jump for more.

I think it was assumed that giant robots required a certain amount of maintenance, and this new Pacific Rim viral poster, which you can see below, assures fans that that is the case. It is certainly not flashy, and I don’t expect it to elicit a strong reaction one way or another from those who see it, but I love its simplicity. It reminds me a lot of the bus station posters many saw during the District 9 viral campaign. It’s a minor detail that grounds in reality what is an outlandish and unbelievable premise.

I really want Pacific Rim to be great, and I think it will resonate with audiences looking for summer escapism that doesn’t involve capes or claws or metal suits. If nothing else, Pacific Rim’s success may get more of Guillermo Del Toro’s many projects in production sooner, including his Justice League Dark film (and I’m still hopeful about Hellboy 3). We’ll see what happens when the film hits theaters July 11.



It looks like we might be getting daily versions of these signs like the pictures from a few weeks ago. Below is the latest sign that was put up just after we posted this article.

KAIJU WARNING: Seismic activity around The Breach. Prepare for battle.

KAIJU WARNING: Seismic activity around The Breach. Prepare for battle.

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