26 November 2013 2 Views

Edward Norton Stars In “FortyEight” Viral Marketing Campaign


If you recently watched The Walking Dead or Marvel’s Agents of Shield, you probably came across a commercial spot for something involving Edward Norton and the hashtag #fortyeight. Many people via Twitter were wondering what the teaser was for. Could it be a new movie starring Norton, a TV show or an ad for something? After the break, check out the mysterious clip and find out who’s behind it.

The spot was recently posted via a YouTube account appropriately called Forty Eight on November 24th. The video has already garnered close to 2 million views as of writing this. The spot is embedded below:

Per, the spot is for the new Motorola Droid phone from Verizon Wireless. The campaign’s marketing angle involves the cell phone battery which supposedly lasts longer than “forty eight” hours, hence the hashtag. Obviously, the way the spot ends with Norton in the trunk, there has to be at least one or more spots to continue the story. There’s an official Twitter for the viral campaign which notes that the next part of the story drops on November 29th.

As more spots pop up, we’ll update this post.

What do you think about the spot? Did you wish it was for a movie? Does it anger you that it’s a Verizon commercial? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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