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Good morning, MovieViral Reader.


Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch a few MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE themed viral videos and select the perfect sequel pitch for the now inevitable part 6 (they CAN’T call it M:I-6, surely? Unless they really DO team Ethan Hunt and JAMES BOND?).




ROGUE NATION is currently doing VERY well at the Box Office. Admittedly, that could be partly to do with the summer being a somewhat unspectacular one in terms of heavy hitting box office behemoths, occasional exceptions aside. But word of mouth is also factoring in here.


This is a movie that grows on you. You start digesting the action scenes days later and just want more of the same. So there WILL be repeat viewings. In fact, I am tempted to go back and watch it again and then review it more generously and clearly. Except I have to tackle FANTASTIC FOUR, first (with objective, open mind, I might add. The badder they say it is..the more I might just LOVE it. Yep. Think positive!).


Tom Cruise has already announced his intention to make a sixth film. Tentative shooting schedule in diary for next year, with a release probably in 2017 (summer or a less busied Christmas). That means it’s literally a mission:impossible to get that script locked! So we thought we’d help by giving a few pitch pointers..






It’s NOT THAT far fetched. Seriously. Have Ethan Hunt do a space walk at some point. Say there’s sabotage to some satellite or something? And he is tasked with retrieving some data from it? It can be both fantastical and rooted in reality. It could even just be a simulation. Throw in the usual conspiracy plots: a fake alien first contact claim Hunt must expose?

Perhaps there’s a NASA initiative being sabotaged and Hunt must save the day on earth before lives are lost in space (!). Think of all the set pieces you could have in a place like the CERN collider or one of the NASA training areas etc. And picture a shuttle about to take off to THAT theme tune. The first movie does owe a bit to 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (cf the Langley sets).

ii.) MISSIONS 2 +3 = 6?

Seriously, there are some VERY cool and intriguing ideas ‘out there’ on the Internet leaked from aborted pitches for previous Mission:Impossible movies. Why not combine them? One script could form the basis of the intro ‘cold opening’ (taking down the organ traffickers / African military coup organisers from the Joe Carnahan pitch). The rest could be the spi-fi fun of taking down the rogue AI (proposed back when Oliver Stone was about to direct an episode). Think Jason Bourne meets Age of Ultron.


JUST MAKE A HEIST MOVIE!! Naturally, each film in the series has a heist dimension to it. But that’s juts one set piece. They always stretch things out, which is why you ALWAYS have Cruise’s Hunt character going rogue / on the run/ getting married / climbing a cliff in his spare time for no reason etc.

WATCH OCEANS ELEVEN! You CAN make the whole movie revolve around the MISSION! And simply have FUN with that, giving distinct roles to each member of the tea, whilst still allowing Cruise to shine as leader and some villain or other to stand out, too. It should be a RIDE. With a clear, simple and high stakes GAME to simply PLAY ALONG with, via just a DASH of political intrigue. That’s also how they did it in the television show. And it worked pretty well for them. SIMPLE! Throw in some more ‘big’ name cameos (always wanted to see that Kilmer v Cruise re-match post TOP GUN; Ditto Cruise v Nicholson/Hackman/Voight/Skerritt/assorted Cruise mentor figures from previous movies).


JACK REACHER was a fine film. But a big Mission:Impossible sized hit, it was not. GREAT car chase though. Oh and Rosamunde Pike. Cruise withstood the Reacher fanbase bashing when he was cast (same way he had to with the Lestat lovers 20 years ago for the VAMPIRE CHRONICLES: A role he should also revisit?) to prove he had what it took to play their literary hero. True, he did not LOOK like the Lee Child character of the novels. But he captured the character.

Ah yes: CHARACTER! One of the things that remains annoying about MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE is that the series PRESUMES we somehow ‘know’ Ethan Hunt. We don’t. Therefore, we honestly don’t care about him. He is just Tom Cruise and in some senses that works.

But why NOT develop things a bit? TAKE the existing script for JACK REACHER 2 and re-tool it to MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE 6? It’s not as radical as it sounds. That sort of thing has been done a lot in Hollywood. Every DIE HARD film (except the fifth: go figure) was adapted from another source and that worked out okay.

Sure, there’d be a Reacher fan backlash. But it’s too good an opportunity to miss: a greatest hits package of Tom Cruise via Mission format. Tweak a few details to glimpse Ethan Hunt’s past and that of the Impossible Missions Force rather than the Marines (ie why ARE there so many bad apples in the IMF barrel?). Integrate a basic murder/mystery in Hitchcock mode like the first film and ROGUE NATION. Setting it on a training facility gives an expanded universe glimpse and potentially sets up the franchise’s future for the day when Tom takes on the mentor / manager role in the movies.


Whatever the final pitch for MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE 6, we are sure it will be excellent IF they maintain the standard now set by ROGUE NATION. Much of that is down to Director Christopher McQuarrie, although each movie has its own look and feel c/o a new creative team each time.

So we might expect a new Director (Guy Ritchie was rumored at one point and makes sense post MAN FROM UNCLE; to which Cruise was once attached). Only Cruise is the constant. The villainous ‘Syndicate’ may feature again though (makes sense), as might London (THE place to be in a spy film nowadays!) and the now established supporting cast (Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Fergusson). Oh and THAT theme tune. In any event, we will keep you posted and review the final products. Meantime: go see ROGUE NATION. Again.


This feature will self destruct. The Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your having visited this site in the event that enemy bloggers and trolls give you any problems..


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