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by James Murphy







It is an American tradition of fifty years and the world has embraced its trappings. Of course, not all of us are sports fanatics. But we all love the ceremony and especially its glimpses of blockbusters on the cinematic horizon. But what did they actually show us? And were they any good? Let’s have a look..







The title is a tad lazy and silly. It’s like ‘hey we think you are stupid and will confuse this with that Jeremy Renner reboot that did not quite work’. NO! Do they call a Bond movie ‘JAMES BOND‘? Why not call it MATT DAMON? No! Also a BIT odd that Bourne would be bare knuckle boxing whilst he tries to keep a low profile? Having said that: YES! We WANT to see this movie.

Interestingly, they are taking the mythology further, with a hint that our reluctant hero is in fact recalled to action FOR a Government he evaded in previous films. The bike chase in the dark and the Vegas set-pieces look amazing. We LOVE JULIA STILES.

And it’s oddly comforting to see TOMMY LEE JONES re-doing his Sam Gerard from The Fugitive number one more time while he can still pull it off. DAMON VS JONES: a GREAT match! With PAUL GREENGRASS  at the helm, this has to be good. Hope for a John Powell /Moby score as before, too.





I would NEVER complain about too much JENNIFER LAWRENCE. Ever. And yet..here..she seems, dare one say it, redundant? I know. I must have moved on. No. It’s just that this STORY (remember those..actual STORIES?!) looks substantial enough to sustain our attention WITHOUT J-Law. This is simply not her film and equally it’s a gigantic waste to stick her in an ensemble. Ditto, to some extent, MICHAEL FASSBENDER (who now has ASSASSINS CREED so therefore has little need for X MEN and vice versa).

Instead, focus on the basic premise: the most powerful and deadly mutant of all time is bent on world destruction and the X Men must team to stop him. OSCAR ISAAC is the eponymous bad guy, Apocalypse. It is a restrained and yet hypnotic brand of villainy and a far better use of the actor than his blink and you’d miss him Poe Dameron in Star Wars.

This won’t do DAYS OF FUTURE PAST business (that had novelty value; a USP in old meets new and frankly, a better cast). But this deserves to be a hit and certainly win a huge opening weekend.




A BIT cheeky echoing the ACTUAL Superbowl ceremony here, no? But hey..the first film used Superbowl to great effect 20 years ago and it’s all just harmless fun so why not? Hints of DARK KNIGHT RISES in using a sports event to show an attack by the baddies, too. Once again: great taste and INDEPENDENCE DAY always borrowed from the best in a neatly woven pastiche.


Naturally, expect a ‘darker’ film here with higher stakes and more aliens. Some foreboding in the lighting etc. But above all: FUN! And JEFF GOLDBLUM up where he belongs again in the summer blockbuster season. Popcorn fun personified. Nostalgia + novelty + truly epic innovation in special effects + great cast + worldwide epic scope and dash of humo(u)r = BIG BIG HIT. I think Fox can get over losing STAR WARS to DISNEY, now. Or CAN they? Because…look out! DISNEY just OWNED this SUPERBOWL…






This is going to be MASSIVE. it crosses the generations. It appeals to a wide range of cinematic tastes. The cast is supremely good and critically, whilst it IS yet another Disney remaking its old classics example, this is no production line B List product. The blend of live action and special effects is at once visible and invisible (ie you marvel at the work invested yet can remain lots in its visual world).



And, whilst we have been told a great deal already about what to expect, there remains a sense of imminent surprise. COULD we in fact see some of the old songs sung by the animals? Or just a hint? Time will tell and the Box Office will reflect the majestic work invested in this instant classic. JON FAVREAU: The man who gave us IRON MAN, back on form. Oh and ladies: IDRIS ELBA is in it. Sort of. Calm yourselves.






What can i say that has not been said, felt or thought already? Nothing. This is unmissable. Even if you HATE Comic Book movies (really? liar!) then you will HAVE to see this if ONLY for the CAST. ROBERT DOWNEY JUNIOR gets to have some fun here as a sort of villain of the piece? Only it’s not that simple, and the marketing plays to that, urging one to choose a side / pick a team etc.


Another hint of DARK KNIGHT RISES (I know..it just won’t leave me!) with the chanting ritual as background score to rouse your adrenaline and interest even further..makes one feel there might be a hint of finality and tragedy to the piece? True, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is coming soon, but there HAVE to be some STAKES..so this COULD be the first MARVEL movie to go truly ‘dark’ and yet EARN that right, both emotionally and thematically.

In any event, this is surely going to be one of THE biggest hits of the year, if not all time. A BILLION DOLLARS Box Office, MINIMUM. One drawback is that it arguably counts as an AVENGERS rather than CAPTAIN AMERICA movie? But that is a cynical supposition: WATCH that FOOTAGE again and see that this is very much HIS story and CHRIS EVANS will stand out, even in the best ensemble in super-hero history.

MOVIE VIRAL will continue to chart the progress of these and other movies in the coming months. God Bless America! 


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