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by James Murphy



As the countdown to the summer blockbuster season advances, so we see the inevitable reveals of new footage from the big films headed our way. As ever, it is the comic book blockbuster genre that leads the charge. If you had any notions that our love affair with super-heroes and villains was in need of a break, think again. SUICIDE SQUAD and CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR just look better and better with each and every glimpse.

MTV was good enough to provide the latest views of the properties in question. There is nothing ‘new’ here in terms of a big reveal or spoiler. Don’t expect to learn anything about plot/story/character that you either did not know already or better still, simply don’t want to know until you are watching the films in question!

But there ARE some telling hints of things to come. With SUICIDE SQUAD, one cannot help noticing a BIT of last minute tweaking to the WARNERS/DC marketing focus, perhaps post BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE? We know there have been re-shoots, although JAI COURTNEY very diplomatically diffused any notions of a tonal shift or panicked insert of jokes. They are simply the kind of action ‘pick ups’ that happen on films of this nature. Think alternative angles, ADR and the like. All perfectly sound and credible.


And YET: just LOOK at this new trailer. A frantic name-drop of SUPERMAN! ie: this is a SHARED UNIVERSE! Honestly..we did NOT cobble it together in frantic bid to outdo Marvel! All planned, yep! Jokes: lots of. WILL SMITH in action hero mode very evident, throughout. Great, though still makes one itch that he could not fir in INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE (and play Capt. Hiller as a kind of sci-fi President Obama / successor top Bill Pullman from part one?). More JOKES. Lots of JOKES. Still grimy in look /tone /ambiance but a LOT funnier!


Emphasis too on BATMAN’s role in this. Perchance a reaction to his awesome popularity post BATMAN V SUPERMAN? Batman ensures accessibility to the mainstream, alongside the riskier and racier dimesnions to the film. But there is lightness of touch here. Comedy and old school action adventure amidst the darkness. Those relishing the more challenging and sinister aspects of the project should rest assured, though. DAVID AYER’s vision has not been compromised.

We get to see more of the JOKER (JARED LETO). And this is THE scariest, most grotesque iteration of the character yet. I say that, based on ONE trailer. So, if there HAVE been some secret tweaks in the general humor quotient or balance of light and dark, I feel confident that those will simply broaden the appeal of a film that at its heart, remains subversive and strikingly scary.



And in MARVEL land? Honestly guys: yes it is a competition, though need not be obsessive or nasty. Let’s not focus on the DC v Marvel clash so much as looking upon this as two alternative service providers, both of whom have valid and yet differing craft focuses. Marvel is the light to DC’s darkness, right? NO! it’s NOT that simple. Marvel are being increasingly brave and complex.

The difference? Marvel properties were always less established or well known to Joe Cinema-goer than the age old Bat / Supermen. They therefore HAD to build a universe AND a studio to match, gradually and with subtle yet sure tonal shifts (this November’s DOCTOR STRANGE will be another departure). Warners/DC had no such problem as the properties are simply ‘theirs’ to reboot and repackage as and when they choose, knowing they have 40 years plus of movie history to support whichever venture they mount for the heroes in question.



It is true that Marvel perhaps favor a more colorful pallet and lightness of touch when introducing a character. But that in turn makes things all the more dramatic when the heroes clash and the tone and visual schemes adjust very slightly in tandem. And so it was with CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. A shade of grey, both morally and visually, inserted to the blue, white and red certainties of CHRIS EVANS’ eponymous hero’s world. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR continues that trend, thanks to the RUSSO BROTHERS.

And this latest clip? It’s a film in itself.


I have never seen such perfect choreography in a super-hero team up battle scene. Balletic. Graceful. Elegant. And yet still hard hitting, whilst indulging every fan-boy’s fantasies of the team-up to end all team-ups and thereby erasing some of the awkward disappointment from last year’s AGE OF ULTRON.



The CIVIL WAR footage in question is book-ended with re-cut clips from previous trailers, as a reminder that Captain America will be both accompanied AND opposed in this film by the brilliant ROBERT DOWNEY JR as TONY STARK /IRON MAN.



The release of both films in their full versions cannot come soon enough! These are VERY exciting prospects and I suspect they will both be worthwhile to watch, dissect and discuss in the months ahead and especially as the DC and MARVEL cinematic universes continue expanding and developing. And we at Movie-Viral will keep you posted, every step of the way! 


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